Gel VS Acrylic Nails

Gel VS Acrylic Nails

As you head into a salon or spa, you’re confronted with a myriad of choices for your nails. Many of us love fail nail extensions, but what is best – gel or acrylic? We look at the pros and cons of both to help you decide next time you head off for some pampering.

Gel Extension Pros

  • Have a more natural and glossy look
  • Curing time is faster due to using a UV lamp
  • There are no fumes so considered more natural and eco-friendly

Gel Extension Cons

  • Don’t last as long and are less durable than acrylics
  • More equipment is needed, so more to carry if you are mobile
  • If the nail breaks, it makes a shatter-type effect
  • The nail needs to be filed off, rather than soaked off so is more time consuming

Acrylic Extension Pros

  • Removal process is quick as nails are soaked off
  • Cheaper than gel extensions to apply

Acrylic Extension Cons

  • They are damaging to your natural nail
  • They look less natural and in some ways fake if they are not applied correctly
  • There are a lot of strong fumes and chemicals

The best advise is to discuss your options with your nail technician and decide what is the best for your natural nails, time constraints and budget.

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