Must Have Gadgets For Students

Must Have Gadgets For Students

Walk into any electronics stores and you will be bombarded by the plethora of gadgets, which will make your life easier as a student. But unless you have a money tree, your budget can be eaten up in no time. So what are the must have gadgets? We’ve done the homework for you and come up with the list of the true must haves!


Every student must have a smartphone. Apart from being able to keep in touch with friends and family easily by phone call, text or on social media, the smartphone allows you to do so much more. Upload your assignment on your smarthphone, email your lecturer, take a photo of the notes on the board. Or even find your way around a new city with a maps app.


Laptop, Desktop or Tablet

A computer or tablet will make life so much easier for you. Most lecturers communicate electronically so not only will you be able to liaise with your education staff, you will be able to conduct research and complete your assignments and work. Take to a lecture to be able to take a photograph of work on the board or to record a lecture. And at the end of the day when you’ve finished study, no matter what accommodation you have, you will be able to connect with friends and family on social media or watch movies and TV shows.


Portable Hard Drive

You’ve just completed that 1000 word essay and bang! – your PC crashes. There goes all your hard work on that assignment as well as all your files! With a portable hard drive, you can regularly back up your work so you never have to panic about a computer crash again.



Smaller and more convenient to carry, a Kindle will save you money on buying books as you electronically download them for half the cost or sometimes even free. It’s now easy to indulge in some light reading in between studying for that next exam!


Portable power bank / charger

All these gadgets are only useful when they’re fully charged. And whilst we might have every intention of charging our gadgets overnight, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Throw a portable power bank / charger into your backpack and you can charge wherever you are.



Think you’re struggling to fit exercise into your study routine? A Fitbit can tell you just how many steps you’re taking each day, how many calories you’ve burnt, your heart rate and you’re stationary down times. Set yourself some goals and you’ll be getting fitter in no time!


Vacuum travel mug

$5.00 for your takeaway latte doesn’t seem like much, but did you realise that’s $1825 per year? And not to mention how many disposable cups have gone into the bin. A portable vacuum travel mug will allow you to make your hot drink at home to take with you – or why not ask your friendly barista to use your travel mug next time to save on paper cups? Then you can have that coffee without the guilt.


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